About Us

La Villeta offers premium European cuisine with world influences served in a warm and intimate setting, dressed with world-class panache for masterful cooking. Whether you choose a light menu choice or full èntre for dinner, you will be amazed at the dazzling array our chefs and owner create, buttoned perfectly with a delectable desert.

Elegant dining surroundings and ambiance gift-wrap an array of flavored cuisine. Dinner menu includes selections such as Scallopine al Cognac, a tender Veal in cream with succulent mushrooms, tomatoes and Brandy, or Lamb Osso Bucco, a delicious lamb shank braised in red wine, carrots, celery and garlic.

Dine at La Villetta for a truly unforgettable experience at one of Vancouver's best restaurants!

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Chef Teo

Ever since he purchased "La Villetta Ristorante" in 1990, Chef Teo has been constantly dedicated to preparing and offering quality Mediterranean food to its customers.


A fast-paced restaurant manager, Mara keeps us all running efficiently.