Significance of Italian Dishes

The peculiarity of Italian cuisine is that it can act as a delicious and flavorful backdrop for a long conversation with the whole family, as well as friends and other acquaintances. Many people know the way Italians relate to food. Their meals last a long time as they enjoy the exquisite taste of some pasta and wine while having a fascinating discussion.

About Us

La Villeta offers top-notch European cuisine with international influences, served in an intimate and warm setting, using world-class panache to prepare masterful dishes. 

Whether you choose a light menu for dinner or an extensive menu, you'll be delighted by the amazing range of dishes our chefs and restaurant owner create, perfectly rounding off the event with their delectable dessert.

To make you feel like a citizen of Italy, the restaurant provides a high level of comfort by equipping them with comfortable furniture, creating a proper microclimate, in particular by air conditioning, by designing the interior, following the culture of such a beautiful country.

We have taken care of everything so that every visitor can return to us again and again, arranging cozy gatherings with family or parties with friends.

The exquisite atmosphere and entourage of the restaurant offer a variety of delicious dishes. For dinner, you can order "Scallopine al Cognac", tender and succulent veal in cream with juicy mushrooms, tomatoes, and brandy. And also "Lamb Osso Bucco", a delicious lamb shank cooked in red wine with carrots, celery, and garlic.

Among sweet-tooth eaters, meat-eaters, and other visitors, some prefer a dish flavored with spicy adrenaline and extreme. Such gambling customers adore winning at of Canada and celebrate their victory in our restaurant with a glass of good wine.

Enjoy Your Life

Life is monotonous for most people. However, not many people think about the reality that we make it this way. To introduce some variety in personal life is not so complicated. For example, you can occasionally go to cafés and restaurants.

Why should you visit our restaurant? First, for a change of scenery and delicious food. Of course, homemade food is good in its way. But seldom a hostess can prepare dishes from different cuisines of the world perfectly. In your case, a visit to our institution will turn into a little trip to Italy.

You visit a restaurant for a feeling of pleasure and bright emotion, aiming for the opportunity to experience something unique. When a person eats unusual dishes and food combinations, he brings some variety into his life. It is as if he breaks away from the routine and abstracts from the grayness of everyday life. Who can refuse a good meal in a pleasant environment and company?

Restaurants amaze with their interior decoration. It is really pleasant to be here. In addition, everyone periodically needs to go out "in public". So why not combine pleasure with use, to make new acquaintances. Why despair of boredom in the walls of the apartment, if there is a more than an attractive alternative.