Play the wedding of your dreams thanks to online casinos

Angelina always dreamed of a beautiful wedding. As a girl, she imagined herself in a white couture dress standing in a beautiful wedding ceremony. When she grew up and met her fiancé Marc, she realized that her dreams were not destined to come true, because he had no money to fulfill her dreams... She told him that the wedding would only take place when there was a chance to make everything beautiful as in her dreams.

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Mark was happy as never before...He told Angelina that they could now make her dreams come true - the wedding ceremony will be held at the restaurant La Viletta! Angelina immediately knew what she wanted - a beautiful wedding as in her dreams! She found out that everything could be carried out with this money. The couple hired an excellent photographer and designer who put together not only wonderful models for them but also created fabulous make-up and hairstyles along with unique scenery to complement the scene. They also ordered the most expensive dress samples from world-leading fashion houses - Christian Dior, Gucci, and Versace. Then there were other accessories such as shoes and jewelry to match each dress selected for wearing on different days: elegant evening dresses for parties and casual outfits for a honeymoon to the Caribbean. It was only a pity that Mark did not have time to get ready for such events, so he had someone else stand in for him. A professional make-up artist and stylist came up with his appearance: haircuts, facial hair, and any other necessary procedures were carefully performed.

This fantastic wedding celebration took place at the luxury restaurant La Viletta with a premium European cuisine with world influences served in a warm and intimate setting, dressed with world-class panache for masterful cooking. Guests were amazed at the dazzling array the chefs and owners create, buttoned perfectly with a delectable dessert. Elegant dining surroundings and ambiance gift-wrap an array of flavored cuisine. The dinner menu includes selections such as Scallopine al Cognac, a tender Veal in cream with succulent mushrooms, tomatoes and Brandy, or Lamb Osso Bucco, a delicious lamb shank braised in red wine, carrots, celery, and garlic. It was attended by all their friends who also looked incredibly attractive and colorful! The newlyweds left on a wonderful trip around the world - everything that Angelina dreamed of from her childhood! Angelina is now happily living with her beloved husband, constantly reminding him about how much she loves him...